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Here at PreHab it is our mission to reach, teach, and empower as many people as possible. We guarantee that when you become a member of our practice you will be given every opportunity to make positive changes in your life and the life of your friends and family. Don’t be one of those individuals that is destined for a future full of disease and disappointment. A future full of energy, vitality, and hope is waiting…

PreHab is unlike any other chiropractic clinic that you have ever experienced. If you still think that chiropractic care is about back pain, SORRY. It’s not your fault; we blame the chiropractors that have been cheating you out of TRUE HEALTH for years! At PreHab, getting out of back pain is a side effect of what we offer. We would rather have you experience less stress, better sleep, better sex lives, more mental clarity, and the peace of mind that you will not die of cancer or heart disease. Our first priority is health and from there, we help to increase performance.

MaxT3 Kickstarter

Looking to get back into working out?

Get back into working out and ready to get fit with MaxT3 by first following our primer. This kickstarter will get you to the point that you need to be at to move on to MaxT3 and change your life.

We cover what equipment you need, offer some encouragement, go over each exercise, and include varying levels of difficulty so that there is a level that’s right for you.

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